Ever thought of introducing a tablet PC based teaching-learning process into your institution, then you have come to the right place, provide your students with a unique learning experience through our Ogmios a tablet PC based learning platform. Ogmios protects your valuable study material, facilitates conduction and evaluation of tests on-line, reduces your paper and printing cost. By providing time based expiry of content it protects your valuable study material from piracy. Ogmios greatly enhances self–paced learning enabling the student to have the teacher at his disposal 24 X 7. Introducing Ogmios in your institution greatly enhances your brand value and takes your teaching-learning process to an all new level.

What is


It is the key

Ogmios is not just a device or concept its your key for unsurmountable success,

the x factor to quench your quest to be one step ahead of your competitor.

Safer Investment

Ogmios is designed to bridge the gap between what the current generation students want and what an education institution offers currently. A kind of force multiplier having ready acceptability with both parents and students. ogmios promises a very good return on your investment.

Leverage Ogmios

Ogmios delivers what you promised to deliver 'quality education'.Its a platform to pioneer, perform and prosper.

Live View

 A live interaction and synchronous tutoring  between a student and the teacher. students can view and interact with the ongoing classes study material and presentations


To enhance the student educational experience, students can discuss about various subjects of their interest regardless of their class and they can interact with any teacher at any time.


  A bundle to fulfill the needs of students through their course of education. The bundle contains a dictionary, an arithmetic calculator, a to-do list, a note pad, a painter, an alarm, an internet browser and few brain storming games.

On-line Examination

A test of knowledge, especially a brief formal test given to the students from the school. students can get their results after their examination directly to their tablets.


Study Material

Pre-installed books and video tutorials given by the school management or Ogmios herself so that the students can view and browse them when ever they want.

Academic Assessments

A detailed individual report about your childs knowledge, skills, activities and attitudes in the school will be reported in this panel.


An assignment manager which updates task assigned as a part of the course of the study or home work.



Manages the details of programed classes, events and appointments related to a student, Here student can find when and where the things are being taught by the school.

for the Parents Eyes

        A special section for the parents has been created so that they can login with a special key and can access students whereabouts, fee details and they can even make an appointment with the management and staff concerned to your child. A parent can also set few locations on the map, only where there child is supposed to be, if the child goes anywhere off the locations that are set by the parent, parents will receive an sms notifying the students location with in seconds ensuring your child safety.

for the Student

        Our team specially focused on ensuring students cognitive responses while using Ogmios, they made it look trendy, they made it user friendly so that the student can adapt to it quick and discover the fun in using it. Ogmios creates education fun making the student to show more interest in learning the course. besides, he can always explore beyond his course content through Ogmios. Ogmios also features an emergency SOS signal trigger which can be triggered by the student when he is under distress, that SOS signal will be sent to the parent, the class teacher/mentor and to the institution medic.

for the Institution

        Your security is our main concern, all your confidential data, your course material is always encrypted, we used an advanced encryption methodologies to encrypt everything associated to your institution. we also included certain techniques to authorize your personnel over the access of the system.

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